Sunday, 14 July 2019

A year of writing prompts: 26 July

How to use these prompts

The sun sets on a peaceful camp site.
Does it stay peaceful?
Write about the people holidaying here.


  1. It's All or Nothing Day. Write about the time your character decides to go for broke.
  2. "There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it." George Bernard Shaw
  3. On Aunts and Uncles day, write a story or biographical piece involving aunts and/or uncles.
  4. Debutantes were presented at the British court for the last time in 1958. Your character is a young woman being presented at court. The period of history (or how far in the future) when this takes place is up to you.
  5. On this date in 1875, the psychologist Carl Jung was born. He studied dreams, archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity. Pick one or more of these concepts and write a story using it/them.

Character Names
Anna, Marta, Aniko, Hannah, Anais, Ann, Anne, Annette, Anita, Annie, Annika, Bart, Nancy, Jessica

Character Traits
  • Active and practical, always on the move.
  • Strong sense of responsibility to family and country.
  • Have a sensitive nature which is not always outwardly expressed. They will be hurt by disharmony at home.
  • Keen observers who make sure they have all the facts and information they need before making a decision. Can be indecisive and unsure what to do for the best.
  • Loyal and faithful friends, but also bear grudges and will wait patiently for an opportunity to get revenge. They'll bide their time, work out the enemy's weakness and attack when they least expect it.
  • Will patiently wait for the best life opportunities to come along, no matter how long it takes.
  • Travel overseas brings success.
  • Enjoy travel, music and entertainment.
  • Often religious or spiritual.
  • Sharp observers of people and society. Likely to be interested in human psychology.
  • They may feel they don't fit in and that they are awkward and clumsy.
  • Will do well in occupations which require self-control, flexibility and perseverance. Diplomacy, trade or business are possible career choices.
  • Danger of being arrogant and boastful.
  • May be betrayed by people they trust; danger of underhanded tricks and treachery.

Possible Themes
Guns and ammunition. Hunting. 
Displays of masculinity. 
Social games.


Hunting trophies; a pond; a polar bear; manure; a moose head; a hat rack.